CFA – Ethics

Preview of notes Author of these notes is a CFA qualified Investment banker and financial consultant. Other qualifications of author - IIM Calcutta, IIT Roorkee To connect with author leave your details in the contact form below. Mention 'connect with author' in comments field of the form. Get full notes…

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Machine Learning : A Comprehensive Package

These notes cover the subject of 'Machine Learning'. You can get the complete set of notes as shown at the bottom of this page. The complete set will cover the following sections: Gradient Descent Data Modelling Feature Selection & Regularization Algorithms ¬†Logistic Regression ¬†Boosting Bagging Neural Nets Real Life Data…

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Machine Learning Essentials

These notes cover the mathematical pre-requisites before you can deep dive into advanced concepts of Machine Learning. Complete notes on ML essentials, which you can get as shown at the bottom of this page, will cover the following sections: Eigen Values Hessian Matrix Lagrange Multiplier Laplace Variance Full preview of…

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