Frequently asked questions

The notes are prepared by experienced and successful professionals. Hence they help in narrowing down practical implementations as well as theoretical concepts. Professionals who contribute to this platform make a royalty by making these available to all of us.

Also, we believe that advertisements and other intrusive forms of monetisation ruin the user experience, hence we are charging a little premium to make it work for everyone.

These notes are equally useful for beginners as well as experts:

1. Use the notes as focal points for your machine learning process. These can act as supplements to other learning sources but will be difficult to follow if used standalone.

2. If you are an experienced professional, use the notes for quick reference. Trying to follow the topics from native sources like books and videos can be a bit challenging if quick reference is needed especially while preparing for interviews.

3. The intention was to cover some hard topics beyond superficial code chunks.

If you don’t find the notes useful or appropriate please send us a detailed feedback and we will refund 80% of the paid amount.

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